Startup Pitch 2024

In the field of recruitment technology, numerous startups are actively engaged in bringing exciting AI technologies to the market. These are young companies that challenge existing technologies and providers with innovative solutions. But often, these future-oriented companies operate with limited marketing budgets.

Win a free pitch

That’s why we’re giving two start-ups the exclusive opportunity to pitch themselves for FREE during the first-ever AI in Recruitment event on February 1st. The event will see experts and vendors come together to discuss the future of AI applications within recruitment. You can do the pitch remotely or come to our studio in Utrecht and join us at the talkshow table.

It is an exciting opportunity to pitch yourself to some renowned experts, and create some visibility for your brand.


  • November 21: Start submissions
  • January 12: End submissions
  • January 16: Announcement of the winners
  • February 1: Online live show from the studio in Utrecht (NL)

Submit your startup now

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to submit for the AI in Recruitment Startup Pitch.



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