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Online show | Thursday Februari 1st 2024 | Watch the replay now!

AI in Recruitment: Outlook 2024


Artificial intelligence in recruitment has skyrocketed with the introduction of ChatGPT. ChatGPT has democratised AI. But AI is so much more than ChatGPT. On Thursday, 1 February 2024, we looked at the possibilities of AI for recruitment in 2024 and beyond. Experts, vendors and users will join the talk show table. Find out how you as a recruiter can use the right tools with AI to recruit better, faster and with more quality. Watch the replay now!

Watch the replay: AI in Recruitment: Outlook 2024

Live broadcasted on Thursday February 1st 2024

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3 experts

2 cases

1,5 hour live show

February 1st 2024


Hosts Jasper Spanjaart and Martijn Hemminga open the online live show from the illustrious AI in Recruitment studio in Utrecht, Netherlands at 10.30 hours CET.

Alongside expert Janneke Oostrom (Tilburg University), hosts Jasper and Martijn discusses current trends around AI in recruitment. Meanwhile, Martijn will share some results from the AI in Recruitment Survey 2024

Renowned expert George LaRocque (WorkTech) shares the latest scoop and information of AI in Recruitment and WorkTech investments in 2024.

AI in Recruitment startup winner 1 gives an elevator pitch.

Conversational AI and chatbots expert Martyn Redstone joins us live from the UK for an inspiring keynote. Afterwards, Martyn, Jasper and AI in Recruitment Benelux Award winner Bas van den Brenk (Knowledgemarker) go over his most important trends within AI in recruitment.

A special opportunity to hear from Brando Benifei, an Italian politician who has served as a Member of the European Parliament since 2014, an instrumental figure behind Europe’s first-ever AI Act. An exclusive interview.

AI in Recruitment startup winner 2 gives an elevator pitch.

Closing remarks and last questions will be answered.

End of the first live show AI in Recruitment

The program and the speakers are updated regularly. If you would like to participate, please reach out to us via To stay updated, register for our free monthly newsletter.

Featuring Jasper Spanjaart & Martijn Hemminga

From the makers of the original podcast AI in Recruitment

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These are the guests


Martyn Redstone

Conversational AI Expert

Janneke Oostrom

Professor of Work & Organizational Psychology

Laurens Waling

Chief Evangelist at 8vance

Brando Benifei

Member of the European Parliament

Mihai Rotaru

Head Of R&D Textkernel

George LaRocque

Market Analyst, HR & Tech Advisor

Bas van den Brenk

Winner AI in Recruitment Award 2023

Jasper Spanjaart


Martijn Hemminga


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AI in Recruitment

AI in Recruitment is positive but at the same time realistic about the potential of AI for recruitment. We ask questions, look for issues, are critical and admire the opportunities AI can offer recruiters. Will you join us on our journey of discovery?

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